How to search our database:

There are multiple ways to perform searched on our database. Our search engine can take simple text search and it can also take your advance structure search. End users can also search multiple chemicals by using our list and import search functionality. All of our search options are enhanced with advance filters, which can be utilized based on your preference and needs.

Text Search:

We accept partial text search for entire database. This quick option will allow you to search based on known chemical description and identification.

We can perform text search over our database using following formats.

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  • Chemical Name :(Example: Advil or 2,2,4-trimethylpentane )
  • CAS Number :(Example: 15687-27-1)
  • MDL Number :(Example: MFCD123456789)
  • ECP ID :(This is eChemPortal ID, Example: ECP00001234)
  • Supplier Catalog No :(Example: CS-4454 )

Please note:Up to 50 items can be listed in search box.

Structure search:

Structure search is very efficient method to search our database. You can perform advance searched based on drawn structure. Our structure search applet is quick, flexible and designed to meet everyone’s need. It uses various input methods to save your valuable time.

Various input method to search via Structure:

  • Draw molecule in search panel
  • Convert Text to Structure (click arrow below NEW -> Click on N2S icon)
  • Import your saved structure files (*.mol, *.rxn, *.cdx, *.skc, *.smiles etc.)
  • Paste your ISIS draw / Chem Draw structure directly into our search panel (Click on arrow blow NEW -> then click on Paste)

Additionally, structure search is also well allow you to use our advance search options such as:

  • Sub-Structure Search
  • Exact Structure Search
  • Similarity Structure Search
  • Integrated advance filter options

Search by Import:

eChemPortal allows you to import list of CAS number, MDL numbers, ECP number, Chemical names and SD file. This will allow end user to search our database in most efficient manner.

Upload your structure files

End user can import up to 1000 chemicals in SDF file. Save your valuable time by uploading Structure Data file (SDF or MOL) file to search our database. We highly recommend that you use SDF.

Upload your Text Data file

Upload list of text data related to structure

  • CAS Numbers
  • ECP Numbers
  • MDL Numbers
  • Chemical Name
  • Above All (Mix values – Chose this option if not sure)

Unsupported files to our Sourcing Team

Unsupported files can be submitted to our experienced sourcing team. With our global reach we can source hard to find compounds in no time. Users can submit various structure files or text files(.cdx, .db, .sdf, .mol, .doc, .ppt) to our Sourcing team for quick pricing and delivery time.

eChemPortal in Brief:

eChemPortal is a simplified Chemical search engine that enables smooth purchasing experience for buyers. Through our eCommerce platform, we can connect your organization to numbers of chemical suppliers. We take pride in developing strong relationships with all our chemical suppliers because it is our partnership that drives eChemPortal towards success.

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