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eChemPortal is a global chemistry software company developing desktop and enterprise solutions to effectively utilize the wealth of scientific knowledge generated among the many branches of chemical and pharmaceutical R&D. Using our deep understanding of chemical disciplines, advanced mathematical algorithms, and computer science, our solutions help guide on-going research, aid decision-making, and speed the development of new chemical entities for the marketplace. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and innovative industry-standard software solutions to our clients to help accelerate research and strengthen their competitive position. Here are some of our services:


Cheminformatics & Custom Software Solutions:

  • Chemical/Biological structure drawing tools on all platforms.
  • Federated search of chemical structures for your enterprise.
  • Web-based electronic lab notebook for Chemistry and Biology.
  • Web-based registration & assay database for Chemistry and Biology.
  • Custom software/application for your organization; free demo application after approval.

Web Design and Development:

  • Dedicated web development group specialized for pharmaceutical and chemical companies.
  • Affordable web/application hosting with our dedicated servers; greater flexibility and uptime guarantee.
  • Turn your website into an integrated, powerful, and customized chemical search engine with capability of e-commerce.
  • Powerfully structure search engine for your internal system with ability to store and search reactions and structures.

Chemistry Data Management

  • Structure Searchable and customized Database development.
  • Undesirable molecule elimination. Duplicate structure identification and elimination.
  • Comparisons between Libraries and set of compounds. Sorting by diversity
  • Data format conversion (SDF, ISIS/Base, MOL, LST, Excel, JCAMP-LINK, NIST MS).
  • Text to Structure or Structure to Text conversation.
  • Creation of viewable structure image form your data files.

Physico-chemical Property Calculations /Drug-like Characteristic Selection Parameters

  • Mol. Weight < 500
  • Free-rotation bonds < 10
  • H-bond donors < 5
  • H-bond acceptors < 10
  • Log P < 5

Consulting and Programming

  • Medicinal chemistry and organic synthesis.
  • Internet chemical database setup and development.
  • Custom programming and application development.

eChemPortal in Brief:

eChemPortal is a simplified Chemical search engine that enables smooth purchasing experience for buyers. Through our eCommerce platform, we can connect your organization to numbers of chemical suppliers. We take pride in developing strong relationships with all our chemical suppliers because it is our partnership that drives eChemPortal towards success.

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