Package Consolidation

eChemPortal, Inc provides consolidated shopping services to our customers who would like to purchase goods from US suppliers. Package consolidation services will allow you to purchase products from multiple vendors and store your packages at our warehouse until they are ready to be shipped all together.

What are the benefits of consolidation?

  • Reduce shipping cost dramatically
  • Reduce time and efforts in Customs clearance paperwork
  • Less logistic monitoring of goods
  • Efficient delivery in timely manner

How does it work?

If your organization is purchasing 5 or more compounds from suppliers with in USA, our consolidation service can reduce work load and save you on shipping cost. Shipping cost is an additional expense and the more packages you receive the more expensive it becomes (sometime surpassing product cost). In consolidation process, we gather all compounds in our warehouse from local supplier and send ship all products into single package.

package consolidation

Here is an example –

Your organization is located in Japan and today you have purchased 5 compounds from 5 different suppliers with in USA. When packages are shipped separately, each package will bear the burden of a minimum charge by Carrier. In the example below, 5 packages are shipped separately to the same address. Each one weighs 1 kg.

Package 1 = $48.25 1kg
Package 2 = $48.25 1kg
Package 3 = $48.25 1kg
Package 4 = $48.25 1kg
Package 5 = $48.25 1kg

Total Cost $241.25 5kgs

As an alternative, when shipments are consolidated, multiple packages are shipped together on the same airway bill to the same address. The shipment minimum (which is the 1st half kilo) is satisfied with the first package, eliminating the minimum charge for each. When the same 5 packages are shipped through consolidation, you will save a significant amount in the shipping cost.

Consolidate package of 5 product = $68.25 5kg Cost of gathering material to eChemPortal warehouse: $20/ package = $100.00 or less Total Cost: $ 168.25

Savings: $73.00

eChemPortal in Brief:

eChemPortal is a simplified Chemical search engine that enables smooth purchasing experience for buyers. Through our eCommerce platform, we can connect your organization to numbers of chemical suppliers. We take pride in developing strong relationships with all our chemical suppliers because it is our partnership that drives eChemPortal towards success.

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