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eChemPortal can be effective platform for suppliers to reach end users and market needs with minimal efforts.There are many benefits to register as a supplier. In order to become eChemPortal supplier, please go through requirments mentioned below.

Custom Synthesis

eChemPortal questioneer for new supplier:

  • We require our suppliers to create an account and submit pre-screening questioneer.This allows us to prepare format for submissition of your data files. You will be prompted to create a supplier profile page on our website that will be viewed by potential customers.

eChemPortal Supplier Data Submission format :

  • Suppliers must meet following requirements in order to qualify for submission. We prefer that you supply us with SDFile format catalog to retain accuracy of our database. Only in certain condition, we will allow Excel file for less than 5000 items.
  • We require you to prepare a list of your “In-stock” chemicals available for R&D use only, using one of the file formats listed below. eChemPortal strongly encourages the inclusion of the following fields for each item in your file:

* Required fields:

  • Chemical Name
  • Catalog Number
  • Purity :(Purity must be>90% and must be able to provide analytical documents on demand)
  • Quantities
  • Prices (indicate currency)
  • Availability (In-Stock or Backordered)
  • Current Stock (Will not be visible to user but required for quick qouation proposal)
  • Structure

Recommended fields:

  • CAS numbers (Highly Recommended)
  • MDL numbers (Highly Recommended)
  • Salt type (If Applicable)
  • Synonyms, Trade names

What not to submit :

  • Chemicals that have not been previously synthesized by the supplier.
  • Non-chemical items including laboratory supplies, kits for analysis, whole animal tissue or animal by product, etc.
  • Non synthetic products or animal by products
  • TSCA listed / Drug enforcement prohibilited compounds. Please exclude these items from your submission.
  • Controlled substances, solvents, and other lab reagents that are used in daily applications.
  • No Polymers or specific products derivetived from beads or other substrates.
  • R-Groupa Structure- They should be used only in structure search criteria, not as catalog entries.

What do we expect from our suppliers:

  • Must be able to use our management portal to update current status on orders.
  • Must be able to upload tracking numbers and customs related requirements to our online portal.
  • Must be able to ship all orders immediately with correct details.
  • Must be able to ship all orders immediately with correct details.
  • If you have any questions regarding participating in eChemPortal supplier network, please contact us at
  • Note: We are unable to receive e-mail attachments exceeding 20 MB. Contact us for details to upload your data to our FTP site.

eChemPortal in Brief:

eChemPortal is a simplified Chemical search engine that enables smooth purchasing experience for buyers. Through our eCommerce platform, we can connect your organization to numbers of chemical suppliers. We take pride in developing strong relationships with all our chemical suppliers because it is our partnership that drives eChemPortal towards success.

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